List of All Betting Sites in Kenya

According to Google Search trends for May 2019, gambling remains a craze among Kenyans with the rising calls for tighter regulation of the gaming and gambling industry.
The Gambling Bill 2019, that was published on May 28th, 2019 and attempts to further regulate the business, has been a cause for concern among Kenyans.
For betting companies trying to install base in Kenya by raising the amount of a bet the Bill aims to present hefty licensing fees.
The number one rule in sports gambling, based on gamblers, is to never rely on a single bookie/betting website in Kenya.
All bookies offer different chances for all games by picking at the best odds available and you can maximize your earnings.
Another reason to try it out sports betting sites in Kenya is that a few websites have supplies which include deposit bonuses and free bets which you could use to find some free money that is gambling.

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